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Glitter Kelly Makeup Junkie Bag

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Who loves glitter as much as I do? 😍 These bags were featured on Shark Tank and they are an innovative makeup bag that has soooo many uses! The have 4 sizes!

Mini is 4x7 -$32
Small is 7x9 -$36
Medium is 8x11.5-$42 (size I have and it is perfect for me)
Large is 9.5x13 -$48

I promise you will love them! So much easier to get items out when it zips in the middle and it lays flatter for travel or less space! There is a wipeable inner liner and I have had mine for a year and it is still perfect! I have these 2 styles on the way to me now! 😍😍😍

I love them so much I had to buy my mom some too!!

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